Shells, Ripples and Tails

D. Carter
1999 Symposium - International astronomical union  
It has been known since the early simulations of Wright (1972), and Toomre & Toomre (1972), that interactions between galaxies can give rise to quite spectacular morphological features, including spiral structure in disk galaxies, and extensive tails. It appears that long tidal tails only arise from interactions involving disk galaxies (Toomre & Toomre 1972), and thus the presence of two opposed long tidal tails in a number of disturbed galaxies such as the Antennae (Whitmore &
more » ... Whitmore & Schweizer 1995), NGC 3921 (Schweizer 1996), and NGC 7252 (Schweizer 1982), has led to the interpretation of these galaxies as disk-disk mergers in progress. These systems can be modeled rather successfully, as the work of Hibbard & Mihos (1995) has shown.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900112471 fatcat:tysust6dmzb7jgs2gdyfeqjmxy