New York Otological Society

1918 Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology  
XEvV YORK OTOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of November, I9I7. Radiographs in Acute and Subacute Mastoiditis. DR. HARRIS said he wanted to refer to the ever recurring question of the diagnosis, or rather the treatment of acute mastoiditis. It was a question they were always discussing, and he had recently read a paper by Dr. Dench on the indications for it. The speaker said he had seen recently two or more cases. where the old textbook definitions were entirely lacking. He did not think that in this
more » ... think that in this gathering any of them would fall down on these cases, but there was still a pretty widespread idea that the classical symptoms must be present, namely, the pain referred to the mastoid, usually subjective, pain at least, if not subjective obtained by pressure, and sagging of the superior posterior wall. Dr. Harris said the reason of this discussion was especially in reference to what experience the members of the society had had in the use of X-ray pictures. His first case was a man who had gone three weeks with an acute ear and who had had repeated paracenteses (he thought this had been performed three times). There was no pain, no sagging of the superior posterior wall, no symptoms whatever, except a continued suppuration, which was not excessive. The man was very decidedly deaf in one ear, 'however. The X-ray picture showed almost complete obliteration of the mastoid cells and the operation confirmed the picture had shown. The second case had lasted almostthe same time, possibly a few days longer. The day before Dr. Harris saw the man he had a little pain, but up to that time no pain whatever. N either of the cases had had a blood count examination, and the second case had no preliminary examination until the discharg-e in the ear. The second case showed the same complete destruction, the same involvement, all that with pus and granulations the first case had. Dr. Harris said that ten or fifteen years ago he would have been rather puzzled with these cases in making a decision at East Carolina University on July 11, 2015 Downloaded from
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