Ecological cognition: expert decision-making behaviour in sport

Duarte Araújo, Robert Hristovski, Ludovic Seifert, João Carvalho, Keith Davids
2017 International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology  
3 Expert decision-making can be directly assessed, if sport action is understood as 4 an expression of embedded and embodied cognition. Here, we discuss evidence for this 5 claim, starting with a critical review of research literature on the perceptual-cognitive 6 basis for expertise. In reviewing how performance and underlying processes are 7 conceived and captured in extant sport psychology, we evaluate arguments in favour of 8 a key role for actions in decision-making, situated in a
more » ... uated in a performance environment. Key 9 assumptions of an ecological dynamics perspective are also presented, highlighting how 10 behaviours emerge from the continuous interactions in the performer-environment 11 system. Perception is of affordances; and action, as an expression of cognition, is the 12 realization of an affordance and emerges under constraints. We also discuss the role of 13 knowledge and consciousness in decision-making behaviour. Finally, we elaborate on 14 the specificities of investigating and understanding decision-making in sport from this 15 perspective. Specifically, decision-making concerns the choice of action modes when 16 perceiving an affordance during a course of action, as well as the selection of a 17 particular affordance, amongst many that exist in a landscape in a sport performance 18 environment. We conclude by pointing to some applications for the practice of sport 19 psychology and coaching and identifying avenues for future research. 20 21
doi:10.1080/1750984x.2017.1349826 fatcat:s6pbjxisrneclkdb3t4zp5lo54