Notes on the State Nursery Laws of Oklahoma and their Effect

C. E. Sanborn
1910 Journal of Economic Entomology  
We have an expert fruit grower, and sometimes two, at each" Institute" to do the talking. Some of these men are practical horticulturists, while others have taken courses in horticulture and entomology at the Agricultural College. The nursery inspection laws of Oklahoma as outlined at present are brief, but far reaching in effect. The nurseries of the state are the primary objects of this legislation, though injurious insects or diseases outside the confines of a nursery likewise come within
more » ... wise come within the provisions of the act. Large discretionary powers are given the State Board of Agriculture, and the nurseryman is held responsible by law for . selling inferior grades of stock and stock untrue to name. Many nurserymen and especially agents from nurseries of other states have h~retofore found it convenient and profitable to line out all stock held for sale but not disposed of in season, for the purpose of disposing of it the following or even the second following sellson. This sale of such trees as first grade stock is now declared illegal, since such lined out stock is of inferior grade. The benefit to the public accrues not solely by protection through elimination of "debilitated" stock, but also from the consequent elimination of an undesirable class of irresponsible nurserymen.
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