Analysis of the Powder Diffraction File [report]

R.L. Snyder, Q.C. Johnson, E. Kahara, G.S. Smith, M.C. Nichols
1978 unpublished
The International Centre for Powder Diffraction Data has compiled an extensive powder diffraction database available on magnetic tape. We evaluated the database to determine the type and quality of the information it contains, including an analysis of d-I pairs per pattern, symmetry, quality marks, Q values, and intensities for subfiles of known crystal class. In addition, we evaluated nine functions to assess pattern quality for cubic and triclinic data. We present here a minimum amount of
more » ... nimum amount of data analysis, but rather concentrate on the distribution and statistics. We also describe how these data were obtained. 65
doi:10.2172/6699433 fatcat:irz33asx6jafnktsaenedyigvu