J. P. Ross
1934 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
HYPODERMOLITHIASIS rMJTEALJRITNS/ 235 diminution of the visual fields. There was no glycosuria and no polyuria. Basal metabolic, rate by Read's formula was + 3. The coiidition suggested a dyspituitarism-an earlier increased functioin Ilow being masked by hypopituitarism. The bronzing was not Addisoniain-there was no asthenia, the mucous membranes were Ilot affected, and the systolic blood pressure was 130. There wNas no obvious thyroid dysfunction. Skeletal.-There was a well-marked scoliosis,
more » ... nvex to the left, extending from the sixth thoracic to the fourth lumbar vertebra. There was some expansion of the head of the left fibula without definite cyst formation. Psychological.-I am indebted to Dr. A. NV. Watt for the following notes, as well as for many helpful suggestions. " The patient is an introvert. Docile in disposition, and serene in temperameint, he has no false modesty about his appearance, and no resentment against it. He is companionable, but Ilot sociable, in that he does not actively seek the society of others, but, when included, enjoys their company and coinversation, giving them his undivided attention and reasoning to the best of his limited intelligence, which is equivalent to that of a child of 15. Emotionally he is quietly euphoric, and his attitude to life is stable, equable, and submissive. He expects little from the future, and is content with the past.
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.3814.235 fatcat:da3uvamtjfeahpgdpzyjpyl4me