Continuous learning approach towards the professional development school in practice [article]

Loreta Vaicaityte, Sjoerd de Vries, Mart Haitjema
The paper aims at designing a developmental model which could evaluate and support the reform in the Netherlands, called professional development school (PDS). PDS refers to collaboration between school and educational institution wherein the professional development of teachers is supported by specific conditions (Holmes Group, 1990 in Bergen, 2006). The higher education reform aims at implementing a better quality of education for primary school teachers. Two higher education institutions and
more » ... five primary schools participate in this project. Document analysis, literature study and semi-structured interviews were carried out in order to design the model of PDS. There were 12 participants in the interview, namely, representatives from educational institutions, primary school coaches, primary school directors, students and PDS project leaders. There were 5 developmental models designed representing 4 significant perspectives in PDS. The results of the research indicate that the most helpful model to capture the development of PDS is a learning organisation model based on the comprehensive learning organisation theory (Watkins & Marsick, 1993; Watkins, Yang & Marsick, 2004). However, the design and application of the developmental learning organisation model is a challenging and creative task. Thus, the paper describes the concept of PDS and its application in practice simultaneously presenting different perspectives and models how to capture the development of PDS. Finally, it concludes with the discussion.(DIPF/Orig.)
doi:10.25656/01:11328 fatcat:plnv3azkcjd6tcjgncee25jdsi