Spatial-temporal Indexing Research based on Road Network: Improved-MON-tree

Chi Ma, Yubin Huang, Yongyong Zhu, Yanhui Yu
2014 International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology  
Contrary to MON-tree index less than the temporal and spatial indexing methods based on road networks we proposed Improved-MON-tree. The index is divided into two levels and the quad tree grid index at the top of the road network, and the bottom of the two-dimensional Rtree index moving object moving information. In order to support the global trajectory of moving objects query, add a hash structure underlying index structure connected to the moving object information. Verified by experiment,
more » ... der certain conditions, Improved-MON-tree than the MON-tree based on edge and routes, has good spatial-temporal window query performance and global trajectory. 408 Copyright ⓒ 2014 SERSC advantages based on the edge-based and routed. The upper index structure using quad tree of road network space, the lower uses 2-dimensional R-tree forest index moving objects and the underlying index structure using a hash structure to organizations moving object trajectory information for global trajectory of the object query. This article is organized as: Section 2 is the road network modeling. Section 3 we propose the Improved-MON-tree. Section 4 experimentally evaluates our proposed index structure and compares them to the corresponding MON-tree. Finally, Section 5 concludes the article.
doi:10.14257/ijhit.2014.7.4.35 fatcat:ozywj6xcsre3hi7pfuc3nvbuja