The Thing around your Neck by Chimananda Ngozi Adichie: A Stylistic Perspective

Ordu, Stanley, Okpongette Alexander Sam, Shote Karena Goodness
2022 Journal of Language and Linguistics in Society  
The study and analysis of texts from a linguistic and literary viewpoint is known as stylistics. This research looked at the fundamental language devices Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie employed in The Thing Around Your Neck to communicate with her audience and the larger society. A functional approach was used, in which special attention was paid to the stylistic function, impact, and thematic importance of language elements in literary texts. Morphology, graphology, phonology, syntax,
more » ... s, and point of view were the stylistic devices used. After using these techniques on the novel, it became clear that language is an essential component of all works of art and that a work's success depends on the writer's skill in manipulating language. Through her systematic use of language, Adichie has made adjustments that have improved understanding of her work.
doi:10.55529/jlls.23.7.18 fatcat:ncagfhh5ijhazfc45vapykieju