Flexural Strength and Stiffness of Donut-Type Voided Slab

Joo-Hong Chung, Hyung-Suk Jung, Hyun-Ki Choi
2022 Applied Sciences  
The voided slab system has been known as an effective technique to replace a heavy reinforced concrete slab system without the decrease in flexural strength. However, according to the previous studies, the flexural capacities such as flexural strength, stiffness and ductility of the voided slabs were practically lower than that of the solid slabs depending on the void shapes and details. Therefore, in this study, an analytical and experimental study were conducted to derive the optimal void
more » ... e and details focused on the flexural capacities of voided slabs. Based on a finite element (FE) analysis, a donut-type void shaper, which was a hexahedron with rounded edges and a hole penetrating the center, was suggested as the optimal shape in voided slabs, and an experimental study was conducted to verify flexural capacities of the donut-type voided slab. The flexural strength, stiffness and deflection of the donut-type voided slab were investigated by void shape and fixing method of void shaper as variables. The ductility of voided slab was also evaluated, because ductility is as important as strength for the safe design of slab member. The test results showed that the flexural strength of the donut-type voided slabs was equivalent to 98% and 105% that of the solid RC specimen, and the donut-type voided slab specimens had enough ductility for the flexural member. The stiffness of the donut-type voided slab was decreased about 8~9% compared with the solid slab, but it was improved up to 7% compared to the non-donut-type voided slab. Based on test results, the flexural design method of the donut-type voided slab associated with the void shape and fixing device of void shaper was suggested, and it was confirmed that the donut-type voided slab is one of the efficient alternatives to replace heavy flat plate slabs.
doi:10.3390/app12125782 fatcat:m2nbdqgaobdbneghecldsim54m