Is the compactified vacuum semiclassically unstable?

Kei-ichi Maeda
1987 Physics Letters B  
It is shown, by applying the positive energy theorem, that the present vacuum (M x K ) in some higher-dimensional theories (e.g. the Candelas-Weinberg model) is stable against decay by quantum tunnelling without change of topology. Frieman and Kolb have found a quantum tunnelling instability of the present vacuum in the same models. But they did not take into account the gravitational effect, which is Important and prevents the universe from decaying into the higher-dimensional de Sitter phase.
more » ... al de Sitter phase. Physics in higher dimensions is now a promising approach to unify all forces in nature including gravity. At a high energy scale such as the Planck mass, we expect a big difference, especially in cosmology, from the conventional
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(87)90508-9 fatcat:4fbq3wdfbbbhrmb7iqskbof57i