A visual simulation method for aging discoloration of wood surface exposed to the weather

Tomoaki MORIYA, Yuya KANEKO, Takahiro ARAI, Nobutoshi SHIMIZU, Kaori AOKI, Tokiichiro TAKAHASHI, Makoto KIGUCHI, Yutaka KATAOKA, Atsuko ISHIKAWA, Masahiro MATSUNAGA, Masahiko KOBAYASHI, Tamaki MORITA (+1 others)
2017 MOKUZAI HOZON (Wood Protection)  
In this paper, we propose a fast method to simulate aging degradation for a wood image color using real wood color values measured by exposure testing. The exposure testing elucidated a relationship between wood colors and weather parameters on testing location from data measured in about one year. Our proposed method can simulate discoloration of woods at any locations by inputting temperature, rainfall and insolation from the relationship. Furthermore, our proposed method can simulate
more » ... ation of woods attached outer wall of buildings. We prepare a 3D building model, and calculate occlusions of the model. Our method can simulate discoloration of woods taking ambient environment of the wood into account by increasing and decreasing temperature, rainfall and insolation to input our method using the occlusion, i.e., woods near ground discolor fast by splashing rainfall.
doi:10.5990/jwpa.43.69 fatcat:eut77clgynblhivt7a4mg656pa