Dept Of Education IUB, Pakistan Review and Improvement of Elementary Science Training Program Alyas Qadir Tahir 242

Bill William, Gulam, Muhammad Rashid, Harald Husemann, Badrul Khan, Farooq Ahmad, Mashadi, Irshad Hussain, Ibrahim Khalid, Abdul Soomro, Muhammad Qaisrani, Khalid Jameel (+48 others)
The present experimental study aimed at to measure the effectiveness of learning cycle model based on constructive approach in teaching of physics in term of students' achievement in public school at secondary level. Forty, 10 th grade students from three classes of physics course taught by the teacher in Government Qazi Habibullah High School District Shikarpur, session 2008, were enrolled in the study. Twenty students randomly selected were assigned in each experimental and control groups.
more » ... control groups. Students in experimental groups were taught by 5Es learning cycle model whereas students in the control group were by traditional lecture method. It was hypothesized students taught through learning cycle model will have better achievement level than the traditional way of teaching physics. Achievement Test based on Simple machine was administered to both groups as pre-test and post-test in order to assess their achievement. The achievement level of students showed marked differences on the basis of significant difference shown by the t-test result. It is concluded that instruction based on 5Es learning cycle model caused a significantly better achievement, whereas students exposed to instruction based on traditionally teaching lecture method showed poor result. It is therefore recommended that 5Es learning cycle model should be employed in teaching of physics. Professional development programme in 5Es learning cycle model should be organized through Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE), Bureau of Curriculum (BoC) and other professional development agencies.