Development of soil moisture measurement with wireless sensor web-based concept

Julham Julham, Hikmah Adwin Adam, Arif Ridho Lubis, Muharman Lubis
2019 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
<span lang="EN-US">Measurement of soil moisture commonly by applying the soil moisture sensors is to measure the condition of the ground around which is relatively not wide. Therefore if applied for the large-scale, repeated measurements are required in accordance with the determined point. As a result it takes time to get the whole results. With the existence of wireless sensor technology then this problem can be overcome. This wireless sensor system will create a network consisting of nodes
more » ... d server. In this study the server part is a server computer that requires a web server application together with its script to display and store data, while the node part is the data reader system. In the data system reader module, the sensor device is required as the input that is SEN0114, the processor is a microcontroller, while the wireless uses Wi-Fi module that is ESP8266. Wi-Fi topology used later is infrastructure (using access points). In this research, it begins by testing the sensor and then testing the data validation between the node and the server. SEN0114 sensor has different value from the American Standard Method (ASM) that is 0.922%. While the data validation test of the measurement result is Wi-Fi ESP8266 module which has a maximum distance of 14 meters toward the access points.</span>
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v13.i2.pp514-520 fatcat:idb67vxtwbaxvjoom7bvmhmt4e