Atmospheric Degradation and Fluorescence Measurements of Carbonyl Compounds

G. El Dib, S. Ibrahim
2012 Energy Procedia  
Quantification of the atmospheric impact of carbonyl compounds requires knowledge of their removal processes in the atmosphere and their photophysical properties. In this respect, this paper focuses firstly on a laboratory study of the chemical removal process of acetone, the smallest ketone, with OH radicals at 295K using a newly constructed technique in our laboratory. The obtained result is discussed in term of the structure effect and is compared with the literature. The atmospheric
more » ... ions are then discussed for four selected ketones including acetone in terms of tropospheric lifetimes due to their degradation by chemical reactions and by photolysis. Finally, fluorescence measurements of ketones by using the LIF technique are briefly discussed in terms of the temperature and pressure fluorescence dependence.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2012.05.036 fatcat:qjvjve23qzchxeb5f3wxqxwqjq