Lena B. Hansen
1918 School Science and Mathematics  
103 the fear of dogma and the fear of nature. Science develops the individual, because every person makes his own investigation and takes nothing for granted. It makes directly for the independence of the voter and for stability in public opinion. It is revolutionizing agriculture; no longer do we plant in the moon and no more are we guided by the Babylonian signs. It is time to introduce into politics the attitude of the open mind, independent of party programs, to approach public questions in
more » ... something of the spirit in which we approach the problems of science, desiring to know the facts, the situation, and to decide after we know rather than before The facts of science are not discovered by debate or by argument. Neither are we able to settle the tariff or any other public question by platform polemics. We need first the facts, and these are to be obtained only as the result of patient investigation by persons who are carefully trained and have no theories to establish. Without the spirit of science permeating the body politic, it is impossible to have a real democracy, for democracy is not a form of government, nor is it freedom, but a state of society that allows all citizens to partake and every one to develop his personality. Democracy cannot be bestowed; it can only be achieved. GROUP RECITATION IN GEOMETRY.
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1918.tb02096.x fatcat:mefguddusvbqtj4hjuioojd6hm