Chemical behaviour of Al/Cu nanoparticles in water

N.V. Svarovskaya, A.V. Berenda, O.V. Bakina, E.A. Glazkova, A.S. Lozhkomoev, E.G. Khorobraya, V.V. Domashenko, M.I. Lerner, A.N. Fomenko
2015 Progress in Natural Science: Materials International  
Bimetallic Al/Cu nanoparticles with Al/Cu composition 10:90, 20:80, 40:60 were produced by method of simultaneous electrical explosion of metal pairs in the argon atmosphere. Nanopowders containing 20% and 40% (mass) of aluminum interacted with water at 40-70 1C and formed composite particles that were porous structures of nanopetal pseudoboehmite with nanosized copper-containing inclusions inside. Aluminum in nanopowder with Al/Cu composition 10:90 did not react with water, as far as it is in
more » ... he phase of intermetallic compounds СuAl 2 and Сu 4 Al 9 . Nanocomposite produced can be used as an active component of antibacterial agents.
doi:10.1016/j.pnsc.2015.01.001 fatcat:wqzfvisvvbca7jdbqg3haix3tq