Evaluation of Morphometric Matching for the Identification of Caucasian Faces from Blurred Images

Masaru Atsuchi, Kasumi Noguchi, Satoshi Kubota, Kazuhiko Imaizumi, Koichi Sakurada, Mineo Yoshino, Natalie L. Fraser, C. David L. Thomas, John G. Clement
2002 Japanese journal of science and technology for identification  
The reliability of the morphometric matching method for identifying the blurred images of Caucasian faces was examined experimentally using a computerassisted facial image identiˆcation system. For evaluating the match of the 3D and 2D facial images in the same person (a match), the 3D facial image obtained from 10 subjects was compared to the 2D oblique facial image of the same subject ten times, yielding 100 superimpositions. In the case of diŠerent persons (non-matching), the 3D facial
more » ... of 10 subjects were each compared to the 2D facial images of other 9 subjects, yielding 90 superimpositions. As a matching criterion, the sum of the values of the average perpendicular diŠerence of the facial outlines and the average point-to-point diŠerence between the corresponding landmarks was used (abbr.: average diŠerence). The range of the average diŠerence was 3.6 6.3 mm for the matching person and 5.8 15.3 mm for non-matching persons, respectively. The average diŠerence and percentage error at the FP/FN crossover point were 6.0 mm and 3.2 percent. In this experiment, it was concluded that the morphometric matching method would be applicable to the identiˆcation of blurred images of Caucasian faces.
doi:10.3408/jasti.6.135 fatcat:mger3fp5inhy3cact3wwonriha