Coupled Gas Flow, Diffusion and Reaction in a ppb-level SnO2-NiO Formaldehyde Sensor System

K. Darcovich, J. Tunney, J. Dunford, L. Styles, G. Xiao, A. Constant
2011 International Journal of Multiphysics  
The present project is part of an effort towards the development of a ppblevel formaldehyde sensor system for indoor air quality. An electroceramic response model for a SnO 2 -NiO composite solid oxide sensing material of ntype conductivity inside the porous material is coupled with a transient flow field simulation of the delivery of a formaldehyde pulse to the sensor surface. Coupled volumetric CFD domains are used to examine the effects of the transport of formaldehyde from a preconcentrator
more » ... m a preconcentrator unit to the sensor, and its implications for interpreting the sensor signals from laboratory experiments.
doi:10.1260/1750-9548.5.2.101 fatcat:jxz4uq64lfcora2rvacdkkwcze