Phase structures of strong coupling lattice QCD with finite baryon and isospin density

Yusuke Nishida
2004 Physical Review D  
Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) at finite temperature (T), baryon chemical potential (\muB) and isospin chemical potential (\muI) is studied in the strong coupling limit on a lattice with staggered fermions. With the use of large dimensional expansion and the mean field approximation, we derive an effective action written in terms of the chiral condensate and pion condensate as a function of T, \muB and \muI. The phase structure in the space of T and \muB is elucidated, and simple analytical
more » ... as for the critical line of the chiral phase transition and the tricritical point are derived. The effects of a finite quark mass (m) and finite \muI on the phase diagram are discussed. We also investigate the phase structure in the space of T, \muI and m, and clarify the correspondence between color SU(3) QCD with finite isospin density and color SU(2) QCD with finite baryon density. Comparisons of our results with those from recent Monte Carlo lattice simulations on finite density QCD are given.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.69.094501 fatcat:iyvejecqt5e57ncsyi554l4mmm