Geographic Scene Understanding of High-Spatial-Resolution Remote Sensing Images: Methodological Trends and Current Challenges

Peng Ye, Guowei Liu, Yi Huang
2022 Applied Sciences  
As one of the primary means of Earth observation, high-spatial-resolution remote sensing images can describe the geometry, texture and structure of objects in detail. It has become a research hotspot to recognize the semantic information of objects, analyze the semantic relationship between objects and then understand the more abstract geographic scenes in high-spatial-resolution remote sensing images. Based on the basic connotation of geographic scene understanding of high-spatial-resolution
more » ... mote sensing images, this paper firstly summarizes the keystones in geographic scene understanding, such as various semantic hierarchies, complex spatial structures and limited labeled samples. Then, the achievements in the processing strategies and techniques of geographic scene understanding in recent years are reviewed from three layers: visual semantics, object semantics and concept semantics. On this basis, the new challenges in the research of geographic scene understanding of high-spatial-resolution remote sensing images are analyzed, and future research prospects have been proposed.
doi:10.3390/app12126000 fatcat:hgtv363m6ras5me5vnu7d6yeii