Quadrotor Trajectory Tracking with Learned Dynamics: Joint Koopman-based Learning of System Models and Function Dictionaries [article]

Carl Folkestad, Skylar X. Wei, Joel W. Burdick
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Nonlinear dynamical effects are crucial to the operation of many agile robotic systems. Koopman-based model learning methods can capture these nonlinear dynamical system effects in higher dimensional lifted bilinear models that are amenable to optimal control. However, standard methods that lift the system state using a fixed function dictionary before model learning result in high dimensional models that are intractable for real time control. This paper presents a novel method that jointly
more » ... ns a function dictionary and lifted bilinear model purely from data by incorporating the Koopman model in a neural network architecture. Nonlinear MPC design utilizing the learned model can be performed readily. We experimentally realized this method on a multirotor drone for agile trajectory tracking at low altitudes where the aerodynamic ground effect influences the system's behavior. Experimental results demonstrate that the learning-based controller achieves similar performance as a nonlinear MPC based on a nominal dynamics model in medium altitude. However, our learning-based system can reliably track trajectories in near-ground flight regimes while the nominal controller crashes due to unmodeled dynamical effects that are captured by our method.
arXiv:2110.10341v1 fatcat:jmxzcghyorer7fuyvy3z77wqyy