Role of Filamentous Phage SW1 in Regulating the Lateral Flagella of Shewanella piezotolerans Strain WP3 at Low Temperatures

Huahua Jian, Xiang Xiao, Fengping Wang
2013 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
ABSTRACTLow-temperature ecosystems represent the largest biosphere on Earth, and yet our understanding of the roles of bacteriophages in these systems is limited. Here, the influence of the cold-active filamentous phage SW1 on the phenotype and gene transcription of its host,Shewanella piezotoleransWP3 (WP3), was investigated by construction of a phage-free strain (WP3ΔSW1), which was compared with the wild-type strain. The expression of 49 genes, including 16 lateral flagellar genes, was found
more » ... to be significantly influenced by SW1 at 4°C, as demonstrated by comparative whole-genome microarray analysis. WP3ΔSW1 was shown to have a higher production of lateral flagella than WP3 and enhanced swarming motility when cultivated on solid agar plates. Besides, SW1 has a remarkable impact on the expression of a variety of host genes in liquid culture, particularly the genes related to the membrane and to the production of lateral flagella. These results suggest that the deep-sea bacterium WP3 might balance the high-energy demands of phage maintenance and swarming motility at low temperatures. The phage SW1 is shown to have a significant influence on the swarming ability of the host and thus may play an important role in adjusting the fitness of the cells in the deep-sea environment.
doi:10.1128/aem.01675-13 pmid:24038680 pmcid:PMC3811541 fatcat:djc2lst23zewhocgukdtvpgmh4