International Journal of Recent Development in Engineering and Technology Modeling and Simulation of Fixed and Variable Speed of DFIG Wind System

Rakesh Sharma, Kuldeep Sahay, Sateyndra Singh
The wind power is a pollution free source of energy. In this paper we have focused on analyzing the performance of wind power in conventional system under various scenarios. Here we have introduced a wind power in a power generation and transmission system alongside the conventional 3-phase sources and have simulated its working and performance. The wind power is made to work in tandem with the regular supply. In case of faults occurring in the system wind power is used to act as backup for the
more » ... original supply. Also in case of extra power demand in peak time periods, it has been used to complement the power sources there by maintaining the power quality and frequency in the system. To analysis the performance of DFIG wind system during three phase fault there is two cases (i) Performance analysis of DFIG during fault at fixed wind speed (ii) Performance analysis of DFIG during fault at variable wind speed. All these scenarios have been simulated with the help of the simulation program using MATLAB and its inbuilt components provided in SIMULINK library.