Signatures for Majorana Neutrinos at Hadron Colliders

Tao Han, Bin Zhang
2006 Physical Review Letters  
The Majorana nature of neutrinos may only be experimentally verified via lepton-number violating processes involving charged leptons. We explore the $\Delta L=2$ like-sign dilepton production at hadron colliders to search for signals of Majorana neutrinos. We find significant sensitivity for resonant production of a Majorana neutrino in the mass range of 10-80 GeV at the current run of the Tevatron with 2 fb$^{-1}$ integrated luminosity, and in the range of 10-400 GeV at the LHC with 100 fb$^{-1}$.
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doi:10.1103/physrevlett.97.171804 pmid:17155463 fatcat:m5n2g6d2anczzbpvt4haqr5dyi