Transversely Stable Soliton Trains in Photonic Lattices

Jianke Yang
2011 CLEO:2011 - Laser Applications to Photonic Applications   unpublished
We report the existence of transversely stable soliton trains in optics. These stable soliton trains are found in two-dimensional square photonic lattices when they bifurcate from X-symmetry points with saddle-shaped diffraction inside the first Bloch band and their amplitudes are above a certain threshold. We also show that soliton trains with low amplitudes or bifurcated from edges of the first Bloch band ( and M points) still suffer transverse instability. These results are obtained in the
more » ... ntinuous lattice model and are further corroborated by the discrete model.
doi:10.1364/cleo_at.2011.jthb63 fatcat:s5btillm2fe7rij7nud335avhy