Investigation of radiation damping in sandwich structures using finite and boundary element methods and a nonlinear eigensolver

Suhaib Koji Baydoun, Steffen Marburg
2020 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
The fully coupled vibroacoustic interaction of sandwich panels is studied using the finite and the boundary element methods. The extent of radiation damping is quantified for various configurations based on both harmonic response analyses and modal analyses. The underlying nonlinear eigenvalue problem is solved using a projection method based on contour integration yielding the shifted (wet) eigenfrequencies, modal radiation loss factors, and air-loaded structural modes. The numerical results
more » ... numerical results clearly illustrate the relevance of air-loading when studying the vibration of sandwich structures. Further, the numerically obtained estimates for radiation damping are compared to both theoretical expressions and experimental results found in the literature. Although good agreement is observed in general, the comparison indicates the limited applicability of commonly used theoretical expressions when coincidence occurs in a frequency range where the modes are still well separated. Moreover, possible sources of error when experimentally determining radiation damping are discussed in detail. The results presented in this paper provide deep insights into the phenomenon of acoustic radiation damping and help to estimate its relevance in future research.
doi:10.1121/10.0000947 pmid:32237848 fatcat:7sfa2ae4qjbindpx2piqeldvc4