1858 Quarterly Journal of the Chemical Society of London  
A, Abel, F. A., note on crystallised binoxide of tin, 119. A b e l , F. A., Report on recent patents connected with the reduction of iron and the manufacture of steel, 125. Abel, F. A" and C. L.Bloxam, on the valuation of nitre, 107. Acetate of Allyl, 322. Acid anchoic, 169. Allylamine, 325. Allylammonias, 324. Allylic alcohol, 328. Allylic mercaptan, 320. Allyloxamethan, 3 21. Allyl-potassium-alcohol, 319. Allyl-urea, 323. Alum in bread and its detection, b y E A. H a d o w, 103. Amido-phenol, 207. Ammonium, anchoate of, 170.
doi:10.1039/qj8581000389 fatcat:hg3kswop35fphp4oacirva77uq