Functional geometry of the left ventricle in dilated cardiomyopathy before and after resynchronization therapy

T. V. Chumarnaya, O. E. Solovyova, Yu. S. Alueva, S. P. Mikhailov, O. V. Ostern, V. V. Kochmasheva, O. V. Sopov, A. Sh. Revishvili, V. S. Markhasin
Aim. To analyse quantitative parameters of functional geometry of the left ventricle (LV) in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCMP), to assess the changes in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) and to reveal the relation of functional geometry of LV and its contractility. Material and methods. In DCMP patients group, who were directed to CRT according to the Guidelines of Russian Arhythmologists Society 2013, echocardiographic study was performed before and after CRT (at 5th day).
more » ... on two-dimensional LV pictures the parameters were assessed in the cycle, as segmented kinetics of wall contraction, LV shape dynamics: sphericity index, Hibson, conicity of apical zone, Fourier shape complexity. Results. In DCMP patients the decrease of global ejection fraction <35% was followed with a decrease of systolic change of all sectoral Литература Благодарности: Работа поддержана грантом РФФИ №14-04-31151 (результаты, полученные для популяционных характеристик функциональной геометрии ЛЖ исследуемых групп) и грантом РНФ №14-35-00005 (результаты, полученные для индивидуальных характеристик функциональной геометрии ЛЖ, в частности, ответ на ресинхронизирующую терапию).
doi:10.15829/1728-8800-2016-1-31-39 fatcat:n33ryebmrnetzoyey6zsgy2zfi