KinZ an azure kinect toolkit for Python and Matlab

Juan R. Terven, Diana M. Córdova-Esparza
2021 Science of Computer Programming  
This paper introduces KinZ, an Azure Kinect toolkit for Python and Matlab. This toolkit encapsulates the Azure Kinect's main functionality in an easy-touse class with high-level methods. This software is written mostly in C/C++ with a pybind interface for Python and Mex functions for Matlab. It provides access to color, depth, infrared cameras, a mapping between cameras, colored point clouds, IMU sensor data, body tracking with 32 body joints plus 32 hand keypoints. We showed that KinZ
more » ... ons could run in real-time at 1080p resolution, with the benefit of a high-level language reducing the learning curve and allowing a significant decrease in development time for prototyping and research. 3D possibilities in applications such as robotics [3][4][5][6], indoor 3-D map-10 ping [7][8], object tracking [9][10][11], human activity analysis [12][13][14], 11 motion capture [15][16], medicine[17][18][19], and virtual and augmented re-12 ality [20][21][22]. 13
doi:10.1016/j.scico.2021.102702 fatcat:mwhkbfurjzdadego2qglozi2qe