Consciousness in the Universe is Scale Invariant and Implies an Event Horizon of the Human Brain

Dirk K.F. Meijer, Hans J H Geesink
2017 NeuroQuantology  
Our brain is not a "stand alone" information processing organ: it acts as a central part of our integral nervous system with recurrent information exchange with the entire organism and the cosmos. In this study, the brain is conceived to be embedded in a holographic structured field that interacts with resonant sensitive structures in the various cell types in our body. In order to explain earlier reported ultra-rapid brain responses and effective operation of the meta-stable neural system, a
more » ... eld-receptive mental workspace is proposed to be communicating with the brain. Our integral nervous system is seen as a dedicated neural transmission and multi-cavity network that, in a non-dual manner, interacts with the proposed supervening meta-cognitive domain. Among others, it is integrating discrete patterns of eigen-frequencies of photonic/solitonic waves, thereby continuously updating a time-symmetric global memory space of the individual. Its toroidal organization allows the coupling of gravitational, dark energy, zero-point energy field (ZPE) as well as earth magnetic fields energies and transmits wave information into brain tissue, that thereby is instrumental in high speed conscious and sub-conscious information processing. We propose that the supposed field-receptive workspace, in a mutual interaction with the whole nervous system, generates self-consciousness and is conceived as operating from a 4 th spatial dimension (hyper-sphere). Its functional structure is adequately defined by the geometry of the torus, that is envisioned as a basic unit (operator) of space-time. The latter is instrumental in collecting the pattern of discrete soliton frequencies that provided an algorithm for coherent life processes, as earlier identified by us. It is postulated that consciousness in the entire universe arises through, scale invariant, nested toroidal coupling of various energy fields, that may include quantum error correction. In the brain of the human species, this takes the form of the proposed holographic workspace, that collects active information in a "brain event horizon", representing an internal and fully integral model of the self. This brain-supervening workspace is equipped to convert integrated coherent wave energies into attractor type/standing waves that guide the related cortical template to a higher coordination of reflection and action as well as network synchronicity, as required for conscious states. In relation to its scale-invariant global character, we find support for a universal information matrix, that was extensively described earlier, as a supposed implicate order as well as in a spectrum of space-time theories in current physics. The presence of a field-receptive resonant workspace, associated with, but not reducible to, our brain, may provide an interpretation framework for widely reported, but poorly understood transpersonal conscious states and algorithmic origin of life. It also points out the deep connection of mankind with the cosmos and our major responsibility for the future of our planet. eISSN 1303-5150 44 of particles to the macroscopic huge scales of black holes, as observed in remote galaxies. In fact at CERN in Switzerland the Large Hadron Collider might be capable to spawn black holes. The connecting principle of quantum information in the material universe We usually talk about two seemingly separate worlds: that of material particles and that of a hidden wave world with its force fields, such as gravity and dark energy. The special feature of the work of Verlinde, 2011, 2016, is that the author brings the two aspects together in the form of quantum information as the most fundamental building block of the universe, as also pointed out earlier by Meijer, 2012. Matter and thus particles can be seen as condensations of force fields that interact and both can be described with quantum information, that is actually a form of energy (see later). The special property is to bring the various types of field information together. In quantum theory, energy is quantized: thus consists of discrete vibrational units (vibrating strings or loops). The space is also quantized according to the theory, thus divided into small space parts. This matrix of such space units is usually called space foam, bearing units that function as operators. Known examples of such elements are twistors (Penrose) related to nested torus geometry. Such units are supposed to operate on every fractal scale, from very small (Planck scale) to very large (black holes) , and can be conceived as the collection points of the various force fields: gravity-, dark energy-, zero-point energy-, electromagnetic-, and Higgs fields etc. In this manner, such operators integrate quantum information and store it on the edge of each fractal unit, that in the case of the black hole was called the "event horizon". Quantum information, like energy, is never lost. Verlinde 2011, used the holographic principle, invented by the Nobel laureate 't Hooft (see for holography aspects Sieb, 2016; Batiz, 2107; Alfonso-Faus, 2011) . The leading principle is that every object is fully described with information gathered on a screen around the object (the event horizon). The entire universe and also galaxies, suns, planets and even living systems are to be regarded as toroidal organized information fields each projecting digital information on their respective event horizons. It has been experimentally demonstrated recently that:
doi:10.14704/nq.2017.15.3.1079 fatcat:3ru3ihfcqbfwfdwdrupgq6n76m