A controlled clinical study on the efficacy of Khadira Churna Pratisarana with Madhu in management of Mukhapaka (Stomatitis) in Children

Mohsin P. Tamboli, Sunil Changle, Purnima Hope
2017 Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences (JAIMS)  
Mukhapaka in children is prevalent all over the world. It refers to an oral disease which occurs in two ways former on occures independently (Swantantrarogam) and latter occurs in association with (Anubandhirogam) other diseases like Grahani. It occurs due to Vit B12 deficiency, folate deficiency, leukemia, inflammatory bowel disease, stress, illness, dietary triggers. Nutritional deficiency etc. Mukhapaka is found in those with poor oral hygiene. In Mukhapaka Vata is moving through out the
more » ... through out the interior of mouth gives rise to ulcers which shift in different place of oral cavity. Dry makes lips coppery red. Tongue become intolerant to cold, feels heavy, cracked and feels as though full of thrones there is difficulty to open the mouth i.e. Mukhapaka. In present era, world is looking at Ayurveda with the hope that it is going to provide good asset to the treatment of ailing humanity. Sarvasaramukharogas are named as Mukhapaka, as it occurs by spreading completely in the Mukha. Mukharogas occurs due to intake of unwholesome food, curd, milk, fermented gruel, not cleaning the teeth daily, improper administration of inhalation, emesis, gargles and venesection etc.
doi:10.21760/jaims.v2i2.7706 fatcat:yb25c6iv75hjxmq5jxxerglx4e