Opening of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad [book]

1870 unpublished
Arriving at Springfield we found a vast crowd assembled, comprising people of all grades, high and low, white and colored, men, women, and children. The irrepressible iron horse, invading and penetrating this remote section, miles away from the proud center of civilization, has brought a new life to this region. The people here keenly realize this fact, and will prove themselves worthy of it. Cannon were fired, cheers rent the air, flags fluttered to the breeze-the inhabitants and all nature
more » ... eared to participate in the grand jubilee. Many of the ladies and gentlemen comprising the excursion party repaired to the City Hall, while others promenaded the town, taking in all its picturesque beauties, which are by no means insignificant. A platform has been erected IN FRONT OF THE COURT-HOUSE. for the speechifying, and such other preparations made as were deemed suitable by the citizens. A little before one o'clock Simpson's battery, preceded by the Springfield band and the stars and stripes, appeared in the public square, the parrots on the gun carriages reminding the denizens most forcibly of the glorious panoply of war so familiar to their visions in days gone by. fin of New York, Mr. Curtis of Boston, and several others, altogether too numerous to mention. At one o'clock THE BATTERY TOOK POSITION on the public square and blazed away, making the plains resound with the reverberations of its thunders. This was the signal for the assembling on the square, and visitors and citizens flocked thitherto the music of Herwig's soul-inspiring strains.
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