Atomic Scale Characterization of Defects on Oxide Surfaces [chapter]

Niklas Nilius, Martin Sterrer, Markus Heyde, Hans-Joachim Freund
2015 Defects at Oxide Surfaces  
The physics and chemistry of oxide surfaces cannot be recognized without taking into account the variety of lattice defects. Defects largely govern the electronic and optical properties of oxides, they offer potential binding sites for atoms and molecules, and serve as charge centers that control the donor or acceptor character of the material. In this contribution, we demonstrate how the nature of surface defects on oxides can be probed in an ensemble but also on the level of individual
more » ... f individual defects, focusing on defects on the surface of thin, single-crystalline oxide films of MgO and CeO 2 as prototype examples for non-reducible and reducible oxides, respectively. Scanning probe techniques play a fundamental role in this respect, as they enable direct visualization of surface defects and provide insight into the electronic structure of defects and local potential modulations in their vicinity. N. Nilius (
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-14367-5_2 fatcat:lliy4btyb5gkngmgoqabvmsmhu