Relationship between AB0 blood groups and selected pregnancy conditions and neonatal diseases

Izabela M. Cendal, Barbara Krolak-Olejnik
2021 Ginekologia Polska  
The influence of the blood group on the occurrence and severity of diseases has aroused the curiosity of scientists for many years. The AB0 group system is the best known and described blood group system. It is also the only system whose antibodies are constantly present in the blood serum. The most common blood type in Poland, according to data provided by Honorary blood donation and blood therapy, is group A Rh+ (plus), while the least common is group AB Rh- (minus). In studies of pregnant
more » ... en scientists discovered the influence of blood type in the development of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, the risk of preterm labor, and even COVID-19 infection. The impact of the mothers' blood group also affects the birth weight of newborns, as well as the development of hemolytic disease of the newborn due to the heterospecificity of AB0. The influence of the blood group on the increased risk of developing certain diseases and complications of the neonatal period has also been proven. Therefore, it seems important to study blood groups of pregnant women and newborns of different nationalities, correlate the results with available reports and use this knowledge in everyday clinical practice. This will help to increase the speed of detection of diseases in pregnancy and neonatal period. It will also facilitate the management of the patient depending on their blood group.
doi:10.5603/gp.a2021.0133 pmid:34907520 fatcat:gt7pua2lijdxtch2vaixenh7la