J051011Unsteady Computation of Three-dimensional Wet-steam Flows through Turbine Multi-Stage
J051011 タービン多段翼列を通る三次元湿り蒸気流れの非定常計算([J05101]流体機械の研究開発におけるEFD/CFD(1))

Satoshi MIYAKE, Hiroto KATO, Yasuhiro SASAO, Satoru YAMAMOTO
2011 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Unsteady 3 − D flows through two − stage statoHotor cascade channels in a model turbine ale numerically investigated . Compressible Nervier − Stokes equations are solved by the fburth − order compact MUSCL TVD scheme , Roe ' s approximate Riemann solver , and tlle LU − SGS scheme . The SST − model is used for evaluating the eddy − viscosity , Condensate mass ffactions , and condensate mass generation ratio which result from heterogeneous condensation and homogeneous condensation obtained by the
more » ... 3 − D calculadons are compared with each other to examine influences of
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2011._j051011-1 fatcat:zb3osc5unnbmzeqfbdyfdzeuce