Optimization of Heat Transfer Process Parameters of Tube and Tube Heat Exchanger using CFD

M Pavan Kumar, J Kumar, Sk Salman Basha, Asst Professor
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Heat exchanger is a device which is used to transfer heat from hot fluid to cold fluid. These exchangers are used in industrial purposes like chemical industries, nuclear power plants, refineries, food processing, etc. Effectiveness of heat exchanger is an important parameter while selection of industrial heat exchangers. Sizing of heat exchangers play very significant role for cost optimization. Methods for improvement on heat transfer have been worked upon for many years in order to obtain
more » ... order to obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency with optimum cost. The present work carried out to optimize the process parameters of tube and tube parallel flow heat exchanger experimentally and simulation of CFD without baffle plates by changing the velocity of hot fluid, mass flow rate of cold fluid and inlet temperature of hot fluid. Finally, comparison between Experimental results and simulation results of CFD done.