A comparison of creative problem solving features of gifted and non-gifted high school students

2022 Pegem Journal of Education and Instruction  
Creativity and creative problem-solving are seen as the most important components of education today. This situation reveals the need to identify students' creative problem-solving characteristics. This study, it was aimed to examine the creative problemsolving characteristics of gifted and non-gifted students in terms of giftedness diagnosis, gender, and grade level variables. The research used the descriptive research model and causal comparison design, which are among the scanning models.
more » ... sample was collected in Bursa and consists of 73 gifted students, and 302 non-gifted students from grades 9th to 12th. "Creative Problem Solving Features Inventory" was used as a data collection tool in the research. It has been observed that the creative problem-solving skills of the gifted and non-gifted students differ in divergent thinking, general knowledge and skills, and the general average in favor of the gifted. There was a significant difference in favor of girls in the general average scores and the mean scores of the environment sub-dimension among gifted students. A significant difference was found in favor of the gifted in the dimension of divergent thinking at the 9th-grade level, and in the dimension of divergent thinking and general knowledge and skills at the 11th-grade level.
doi:10.47750/pegegog.12.02.03 fatcat:3mqp2t5b25debig34nt42ou6pu