Educational business games in the educational process

Ph. D. Dmitry V. Gribanov, Ph. D. Kseniya E. Kovalenko, MSc. Natalia E. Kovalenko
2018 Revista Conrado  
Increasing the efficiency of training specialists based on the introduction of new progressive forms and methods of teaching is an important task facing teachers. It is known that the necessary condition for the success of training is the activity of students, which is realized through their activities. Such an educational process, focused on the organization of activity of trainees, provides more effective training of a specialist. Thus, the use of a system of active teaching methods,
more » ... and improved depending on the specific learning situations, is one of the key elements in the implementation of management accumulation and development of skills and knowledge of individuals for active self-realization. Active methods include methods in which each trainee is forced to actively extract, process, and implement educational information presented in a specific didactic form that provides objectively much better compared with traditional methods, the results of training practical activities. The detailed description of each generalized technology is an independent task, we in our study have focused on the characteristic of active learning, predominantly contextual and game type. This choice is explained by the fact that in the system of vocational education active learning can become (and in many countries has already become) system-forming, within the framework of which all other generalized pedagogical technologies are used. In addition, it is in the training technologies of this type that the most promising is the use of business games
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