An Interaction Model Based on Narrative Programs to Improve Understanding and Contribution to Non-Linear Narratives

Joaquim Colás, Alan Tapscott, Ayman Moghnieh, Josep Blat
Collaborative creation of stories poses new challenges to the authoring task. Being able to comprehend a large non-linear information space and to take into account inputs from other creators are important to contribute meaningfully and consistently. This work presents a model based on the classic semiotics concept of "narrative programs" to structure and present the information with the purpose of making non-linearity more accessible, facilitating contribution, and inspiring creative
more » ... creative opportunities. We introduce a prototype that implements this model, and use it in an experiment to explore how users read a non-linear story, understand it, and contribute to it. Results show how users identified the main characters and related them to their narrative programs achieving high levels of comprehension, which the correspondence between comprehension and contribution consistency was, and that the users expanded the narrative from multiple points of view.