Method to Generate Freeform Surfaces from Idea-sketch and Three Dimensional Data [chapter]

Tetsuzo Kuragano, Susumu Furukawa, Mitsuru Kuroda
2001 Geometric Modelling  
The Purpose of this study is to generate surface patches which are useful throughout the product-design process in a very short period. We have studied two methods. One is surface generation using a hand-drawn idea-sketch. The other is surface generation using the three dimensional point data measured by commercially obtainable measuring instrument. For hand-drawn idea-sketches, logarithmic transformation, laplacian operation and natural spline curves are introduced. For the three dimensional
more » ... int data, Delaunay Triangulation is introduced to construct a triangular mesh. Pseudo-normal vectors are calculated using the constructed triangular mesh in a very short time. Productdesigners are able to examine the form of the triangular mesh by shading or newly developed color striped shading using pseudo-normal vectors. Then product designers are able to generate the surface patches which are easy to manipulate for narrowing down to the final design.
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35490-3_24 fatcat:mjjbuow2yvbzjfh2y3mmj6xfve