Systemic approach to the analysis of ecological reliability of consortive protective ecotones

Taras Boyko, Mariia Ruda, Mykhailo Paslavsky, Volodymyr Lentyakov
The article presents a methodology for assessing the environmental reliability of consortium ecotones of protective type on the roads of the Lviv railway. It was established that the spatial or morphological structure reflects the compound, structural relations and spatial arrangement of structural elements or ecosystem blocks, which determine the peculiarities of its functioning under certain environmental conditions. The task of the functional structure is to reflect the features of the work
more » ... atures of the work (functioning) of the structural components of the ecosystem. It characterizes the pace, amount and effects of substance-energy exchange, stability, performance and other important functions. The totality of the design of protective forest plantations on the railway line operates as a single system or forest-melioration complex — a consortium that performs the functions of an ecological framework, where elements and subsystems interact, providing a synergistic effect. The spatial structure of the consortium ecotones of the protective type of the Lviv railway was constructed. The analysis of the structure of consortium ecotones of the protective type and the indicators of ecological reliability are determined.
doi:10.24426/eco-energetics.v2i0.179 fatcat:kmoinbwad5gcnapotk3chvbyzy