Dynamic Responses of the Metro Train's Bogie Frames: Field Tests and Data Analysis

Xuhui He, Kehui Yu, Chenzhi Cai, Yunfeng Zou
2020 Shock and Vibration  
This paper focuses on the dynamic characteristics of the metro train's bogie frames based on the field test data. The acceleration signals of both motor bogie frame and trailer bogie frame of a standard B-type metro train were measured. Running tests on the Metro line 21 of Guangzhou (China) were carried out. The acquired acceleration signals of bogie frames were analyzed through several methods to identify the dynamic characteristics of the motor and trailer bogies in the time-frequency
more » ... The spectral analysis and time-frequency representations show that noise components exist in the high-frequency domain of the original signal, especially for the acceleration signal of the motor bogie frame. Then, the soft thresholding process and discrete wavelet transform decomposition process are conducted to obtain a denoised version of the original signals in the time-frequency domain. The vibration frequency domain and energy distribution of bogie frames under different train speeds are analyzed. The track irregularity wavelength of the metro line is calculated and analyzed based on the measured bogie frames' acceleration signals. The dynamic characteristics of the metro train's bogie frames in this paper can be adopted as a reference in the track diagnosis of the elevated metro line.
doi:10.1155/2020/1484285 fatcat:cva3p4wozrawdnhcdgt5jtgdjy