Effects of CrMo spacer layer on thermal stability and magnetic properties in an antiferromagnetically coupled medium

S. C. Oh, Y. W. Tahk, S. Y. Hong, H. J. Lee, T. D. Lee
2003 Journal of Applied Physics  
In this work, magnetic properties and thermal stability of antiferromagnetically coupled AFC medium with a CrMo spacer layer instead of the conventional Ru spacer layer were studied. It was found that a reduction of M r /M s could also be obtained in the AFC medium with a CrMo spacer layer due to the antiferromagnetic coupling, similar to the conventional AFC medium with a Ru spacer layer. Thermal stability ratio, K U V/k B T for the proposed medium was slightly smaller than that of the
more » ... onal AFC medium with a Ru spacer layer, but larger than that of a single magnetic layer medium. By a comparison of the switching field distribution and ⌬M of the AFC medium with those of the conventional AFC medium, it is conjectured that the intergranular exchange coupling decreases when a CrMo is used as a spacer layer.
doi:10.1063/1.1558072 fatcat:fdoregsfhjhsll6j3ffjdie66y