Radiation Efficiency of Multiband Antenna for Wireless Communication for Improved Signal Gain Using Friis Transmission Technique

2022 Zenodo  
Dielectric materials are confronted with conduction and dielectric loses, this has led to low signal gain low radiation efficacy. The purpose of this research work is to improve the signal losses of the existing antenna on the new to analyse different substrates, that is the design frequency was kept constant in order to check the responses of the radiation efficiency and gain performance of the antenna. This steady adopted the application of Friis Transmission Technique with the aim of
more » ... different substrates with respective gain properties under investigation. The following substrates were used including: foam 1.05, RT Duroid 2.2, Fr4 4.4, Bakelite 4.8 and Taconic 3.2 and after analysing different substrates using HFSS-High Frequency Structure Simulator the best based on least amount of signal losses is foam. The results obtained showed that foam as a substrate had the least amount of losses. The results obtained also showed that foam had the best radiation efficiency and gain. Friis transmission technique was also employed for determination of the signal distance. How much the signal travelled. And also the results showed us that the signal from the foam substrate travelled the longest distance.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6433900 fatcat:ngaal5hosbe2zpvn3zk4ossgda