Towards Autonomous Mobile Robots for the Exploration of Steep Terrain [chapter]

Braden Stenning, Lauren Bajin, Christine Robson, Valentin Peretroukhin, Gordon R. Osinski, Timothy D. Barfoot
2015 Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics  
Steep, natural terrain offers excellent opportunities for scientific investigations into the composition and history of Mars and other planetary bodies. In this paper, we present a prototype tethered robot, vScout (vertical scout), capable of operating in steep, rugged terrain. The primary purpose of this vehicle is to support field geologists conducting research on cliffs, in canyons, and on crater walls. However, the long-term vision is to develop a system suitable for planetary exploration
more » ... nd more diverse terrestrial applications). Unlike other systems for exploration in steep terrain, vScout has demonstrated autonomous operation on steep surfaces by making use of a network of reusable paths and visual teach & repeat. Here we describe the first vScout prototype and our experiences with it. We also outline some challenges and the directions we intend to take with this research.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-07488-7_3 fatcat:mgpch3au5bbclnpn2nwekamrla