MP19: Interprofessional airway microskill checklists facilitate the deliberate practice of direct intubation with a bougie and airway manikins

J. P. French, K. David, S. Benjamin, J. Fraser, J. Mekwan, P. Atkinson
2018 CJEM: Canadian Journal of Emergency Medical Care  
Deliberate practice (DP) is the evolution of practice using continually challenging and focused practice on a particular task. DP involves immediate feedback, time for problem-solving and evaluation, and opportunities for repeated performance. Mircroskills training breaks down larger tasks into multiple smaller subtasks and then adds opportunities for feedback and adjustment for each subtask. Microskills training is routinely used to achieve excellence in competitive sports, martial arts,
more » ... ry operations, and music. Endotracheal intubation is a complex task with a clinically significant complication and failure rate. Methods: Two doctors and three nurses developed stepwise team microskills checklist from case review, simulations and published evidence. The checklist was tested, evaluated and developed during four days of simulation faculty team training. The final 36 item checklist was used to facilitate skills training for doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and ACPs in one level 2, and two level 3 trauma centers from April 2017 to October 2017. The microskills checklist was used in four phases: 1. Group discussion of each microskill step 2. Groups of three team members; operator, assistant and microskill facilitator (using the checklist) to enable the deliberate analysis of the teams current performance. Each subtask is performed with immediate peer and where necessary faculty feedback. Changes are recorded. 3. Total task run though without interruption. Changes are recorded. 4. Repetition and feedback using different team members, manikins, including time pressure. User satisfaction surveys were collected after the skills training session Results: Results. Teams were composed of Registered Nurses (8), Physicians (9), and Respiratory Therapists (2). All of the teams experienced a change in practice. The median number of microskills changed for MDs 13/30, RNs 7/16. The commonest changes in practice were patient positioning (all teams). All professions agreed strongly that the approach produces a positive change in practice (median score 4.8/5). Conclusion: Microskills checklist facilitate endotracheal intubation with a bougie skill development in interprofessional teams in this provisional analysis.
doi:10.1017/cem.2018.173 fatcat:fzcsrhunhbgxhnolnu3dquaan4