Khadija Naseer Khan Sara Ahmad
2019 Zenodo  
Discussion: With the involvement of different systems, a disease of hypertensive during pregnancy is Preeclampsia. LDH is released in plasma in the above-mentioned disease. The reason of LDH is hypoxia and there is also break down of various cells in different organ systems. Disease will be severe when the amount of the serum of released LDH. This will also be the sign of cellular death. The objective of this examination is to study the relationship of amount of LDH which is gradually
more » ... and the severity of the disease Preeclampsia. Materials and Techniques: This paper is based on an examination and hypothetical study. At Jannah Hospital, Lahore, the above study is conducted. The number of women that is enlisted in the following study for performing the experiment is 240. The study is conducted from May 2015 to June 2018. The group of total 240 women is further divided into two categories of a group of 120 women. The first category is of normal pregnant women and the second group is of the women that is the patient of Preeclampsia during pregnancy. With the help of biochemical automated analyzer, the amount of released LDH is measured. The second group of 120 women which are patient of Preeclampsia is divided into the further two groups on the basis of the amount of released LDH serum. The following study is included the period until the delivery phase. SPSS is used for the statistical and factual calculations and measurements. Findings: With the comparison of the group of normal patients of 120, the study observed that the amount of LDH serum is significantly high in the group of affected groups of people. And the disease of Preeclampsia will be more severe in that patients. Conclusion: The break down of cells in different organ systems is increased by the increased amount of the released amount of serum of LDH. So, the severity of the disease is also increase [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3590341 fatcat:6fl7vlz5bffthdsmexceixdbke