Affinity separation of messenger RNA by thermo-responsive polymer carrying oligo(dT)

T. Mori, F. Oda, D. Umeno, M. Murata, M. Maeda
1999 Nucleic Acids Symposium Series  
The conjugate between oligo(dT) 16 and thermoresponsive polymer, poly(/V-isopropylacrylamide), was prepared for isolation of poly(A)* RNA from total RNA. The hybridization reaction between the conjugate and poly(A) (average length: 320 base) was equilibrated in 10 min, and all the poly(A) (16 nmol base for 24 nmol base of conjugate) was precipitated when raising the solution temperature to 35 °C. The precipitate was dissolved in water, and poly(A) was dissociated from the conjugate by heating
more » ... 65 °C. This separation system was successfully applied to the isolation of poly(A) + RNA from total RNA.
doi:10.1093/nass/42.1.55 fatcat:zup74vbxwndutb6h2rirzhr7tq