Blade Element Rotor Theory [book]

Pylyp Volodin
2022 unpublished
Blade Element Rotor Theory presents an extension of the conventional blade element rotor theory to describe the dynamic properties of helicopter rotors. The presented theory focuses on accurate mathematical determination of the forces and moments by which a rotor affects its rotorcraft at specified flight conditions and control positions. Analyzing the impact of a blade's non-uniform properties, the book covers blade twisting, the non-rectangular planform shape of a blade, and inhomogeneous
more » ... oil along the blade. It discusses inhomogeneous induced airflow around a rotor disc in terms of the blade element rotor theory. This book also considers the impact of flapping hinge offset on the rotor's dynamic properties. First edition published 2023 by CRC Press
doi:10.1201/9781003296232 fatcat:jbbzehcd55cktjqydqqj2ref7m